Why I use Essential Oils

My journey with essential oils began when antibiotics and over the counter drugs were no longer cutting it for me in addition to some major struggles with depression. I had a friend mention them to me and I proceeded to do some research. I learned about how incredibly powerful these little bottles can be for your health. I used them when I was weaning myself off of my antidepressants. If you've ever tried to stop taking these stupid things, you know that the withdrawal side effects can be.. well... awful. The side effects were still pretty bad, but I was able to function and take the edge off the symptoms and replace what was coming out of my brain with something more natural and safe. So ultimately, this was the reason for my trying EOs. And then I discovered the power of these for many, many other problems. I diffuse lavender to help sleep. I use lemon, lavender, and peppermint for allergies (got rid of the allergies pills that were not working anymore)! I've used them to cure shingles, bronchitis, infections, indigestion, etc. The big one for me was digestion. Anytime I accidentally get a trace of something I'm not supposed to eat, I can calm my gut with DiGize oil. It's incredible!

The main reason I use oils is because it's a natural alternative. I loaded my body with chemicals, processed junk, and unnatural medicine for years without knowing and fully understanding what they could and were doing to my health. I have been recovering from antibiotic use for years now. I'm so scared of getting sick enough to need them again because of how long I've been building my good gut bacteria. I use oils to prevent myself from ever getting to the point of needing them and instead of them (since I was prescribed antibiotics for nearly everything). I want other people to know that it's not impossible to find a better option out there. Yeah, oils are pricey. But so are doctors bills and prescription medications and over the counter meds when you add it all up! I want you to be informed about what you are putting in and on your body. Now, I couldn't ever eat anything or use any product without knowing exactly what's going into my system. And that's how it should be! You shouldn't have to question "huh, I wonder what that is and why I feel like this?"

There is a better way!

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